Cisco wlc 9800 local authentication

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FlexConnect. FlexConnect is a wireless solution for branch office and remote office deployments. From a central Wireless LAN Controller (WLC), hopefully in your Data Centre with a redundant WLC not too far away, you can configure, control and manage access points in a branch or remote office. No need for a WLC in each office.

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Bridge Priority Field can only be set in increments of 4096. This means that the possible values are : 4096, 8192, 12288, 16384, 20480, 24576, 28672, 32768 etc. By default, Cisco's Per-VLAN Spanning-Tree Plus (PVST+) adds this System ID Extension (sys-id-ext) to the Bridge Priority. The two values (Bridge Priority + System ID Extension ...

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If you disable it, clients won't get an IP at all. Authentication and Association roles can be moved between WLC and AP and either would work just fine. Passive Client (in short) allow comms from wired devices to wireless devices with static IP address by enabling WLC to pass ARP requests to them.

Configuring a RADIUS Server (Cisco ISE) on a Cisco WLC If your new WLAN will use a security scheme that requires a RADIUS server, you will need to define the server first. On a centralized controller, select Security AAA > RADIUS > Authentication to see a list of servers that have already been configured.Using an external authentication service (such as AAA server, Radius, TACACS etc) or by having local usernames and passwords on the device itself. In this article we will discuss how to setup a local username and password on a Cisco router in order to authenticate when connecting to the device for management purposes.