Ggplot line with confidence interval

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Bar plot of counts and confidence intervals with ggplot This example will plot the counts of observations for the interaction of two independent variables, Teacher and Sex . We will use the Summarize function to produce the data frame Sum , and will use the variable n as the count of observations.

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$\begingroup$ Yes I tried that post, that predictInterval function it is very useful to get the prediction intervals (where another observation might fall), but I am looking for the confidence intervals (where a new mean might fall If I do a resampling). The second issue with that function is in my case it generate a prediction interval for each individual and not for each category (treatment ...

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Customize ggplot2 axis: title, line, labels and ticks. Background. Customize ggplot2 background: color, major and minor grid lines. ... Add confidence interval around interactive line chart for time series with dygraphs. Step plot. Build an interactive step plot for time series with dygraphs.

By now, I've made it pretty clear: I absolutely love the ggplot2 package for plotting visualizations of data. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm addicted. But in the last couple of years, I've discovered another love--meta-analysis. Meta-analyses are often accompanied by two popular forms of data visualization: forest plots and funnel plots. In this post, I'll show how quick-and-dirty forest…