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Quick Introduction of how to develpe a cloud application and to control smart devices on Tuya Cloud Platform Cloud Development Platform Guide Detailed guidelines of how to create cloud projects, achieve device controls, API management, and more.

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Please make sure to give a 30 seconds interval per device before turning it on. Unlink and relink your Tuya Smart account on the Google Home app. From the Google Home app, tap "Settings". Scroll down and look for "Works with Google". Tap Tuya Smart account and choose "Unlink Account". Re-link your account again by following steps 1 and 2.1.Users can Free-combine devices to do tasks in smart life scene.Enjoy a better experience of intelligent products. 2.Tuya smart built for users Demo smart life scene (rest mode).Users can learn more about smart life scene in the video tap "Perform" of Rest mode as shown in the picture 2 Pic1 Pic2

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Oct 13, 2021 ยท Tuya Cloud Development Platform provides a wealth of methods to link devices, through which you can link devices from different sources in the same project. Note: If a real device is not available during development, you can debug on the virtual device.

Tuya, in particular, offers many similar products and services, including smartphone applications, Cloud, SaaS solutions, data analytics, and a lot more. From the very inception of the company, the Tuya Smart platform helped put smart device developers on a faster and easier route to the competitive market.