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Load filament; Make sure extruder has proper tension (but not too tight) Autolevel (see topic below) ... Either change the wire from the switch NC contact to NO contact, ... Octoprint (opens new window) (on RPi) Enables easy wifi printing, time lapses, remote management, sending G-code and features a really poweful plugin system. ...

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Set your oven to 200-250F (93-120C) and wait until it reaches temperature. Make a single layer of silica gel pellets on a sheet pan and place them in the pre-warmed oven. Let the pellets sit in the warm oven for 0.5-2hrs until they return to their original color. Cool the pellets and then return them to the dry box.Imagine it - Print it! Sounds too good to be true? Well if you are prepared to put in a little effort researching the right printer and software you can do exactly that. Originally 3D printing was so expensive - but now you can buy machines for a really low price and make spare parts, tools, working models, ornaments, toys etc etc etc! This app has some 800 easy to follow video guides that ...

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Best OctoPrint Plug-ins in 2021. by Hironori Kondo. Updated May 10, 2021. Advertisement. OctoPrint is a powerful tool, but adding a cherry on top makes it even better. Check out our selection of the best OctoPrint plug-ins around! Contents. Enhanced Capabilities.

Facilitates changing filament (backs out old, loads new) This plugin makes it simple to change filament. The plugin mimics the actions taken by the change filament action built into Marlin. That feature is not available on all printers and also requires using the control box to use, instead of doing everything in OctoPrint. Configuration: Here's what I have done. 4) Connect to Octoprint and install the firmware updater plugin. 5) Restart Octoprint. 6) Open firmware update tool from menu (under wrench in top right corner) 7) Select Firmware updater from Plugins section (bottom left hand of the screen) 8) Click plugin configuration (wrench icon) top right.While connected to Octoprint the "Change Filament" option in the Tune menu does nothing. If I print from USB, it allows filament changing and continues the print as expected. It's broken in the firmware right now if you're using octoprint. Anything with filament changes has to be done from USB. : (.